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At the moment I'm not taking on any new jobs anymore.


I focus on general electricity jobs in the home. Among those are:

I either work with a quotation (fixed price) or on an hourly basis (materials not included in the last case), whichever you prefer. In emergency cases, an hourly rate applies.

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About Quality

"Quality is remembered, long after the price is forgotten"    (Gucci)

For all the installations I build or adapt, your safety comes first.

To ensure this, I only work with quality materials and brands and repair/install/extend your electrical installation according to the rules of good craftsmanship, without shortcuts of unsafe interim "solutions". To this end I follow the latest version of the Belgian AREI (General Regulations for Electrical Installations, june 2023).

Quality does not always have to be expensive. With some thought, it is often possible to avoid an expensive solution.
For older installations, for instance, the rules grant a set of exemptions. These often allow these installations to pass inspection as well, with some small alterations.

In order to guarantee top quality, I also work alone. In other words: the boss is always on site.

Who is DeGeKa Electrics?

DeGeKa Electrics was founded in 2024 by me, Karel De Gendt, to turn my long-standing hobby into a profession.
I trained as an electrician in evening school and installed my own electrical installation. After helping a few friends out, I now decided to do it professionally. In addition to this secondary profession, I work as a software engineer in the IT world. I am a Bio-Engineer by training with a PhD in Medical Sciences and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence.
Karel and the Moose

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I can be reached by phone on +32 472 85 10 35.

Fr. Dottermansstraat 12/102
B - 3060 Bertem
VAT: BE1004.916.832


- Why is this website so simple?

Because I built it myself. That way, I save on costs that I don't have to charge the customer (you!).

- Do you stop by to assess the situation?

A site visit is possible and in some cases advisable. In other cases a good plan from the architect or a good set of photos added to your quote request are sufficient to make a correct estimation of the costs.